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DNA Special: Why reheating cooking oil repeatedly be avoided

Everyone is well aware that home-cooked food is safer and healthier than restaurant or street food.
Today we will speak about cooking oil, however, it is not related to the problem of oil, but the quality of the oil and your habits of using it. 
Everyone is well aware that home-cooked food is safer and healthier than restaurant or street food. However, there are still times when you enjoy an occasional samosa or bread pakora outside thinking that if the shop is clean and the food is made in front of you then it must be healthy. 
That is where you go wrong and allow diseases like cancer, liver failure, brain stroke, and heart stroke to enter your body.
Notably, you are making this mistake regarding cooking oil not only outside but inside your home as well. Many of us are not aware that the oil in which we fry the pakoras or puris, ends up with us consuming 'poison'.
Chandigarh PGI (Postgraduate Institute of Medical Education and Research) has submitted a study report on the use of cooking oil to the Punjab Government.
In the report, cooking oil heated more than 4 times has been described as poison
The report recommends that the use of cooking oil should be banned more than 4 times
It has been recommended to the Punjab government to instruct about the same to hotels and restaurants
It has also been said that an investigation team should be formed to monitor the oil used in these hotels and restaurants.
Do you check the cooking oil which is being used when you are standing at the samosa stall? How many of you know how many times the shopkeeper has heated the same oil before you came?
It is even more difficult to know this in hotels and restaurants as they have a closed kitchen. But let us tell you that the same oil is reheated throughout the day which turns the cooking oil into 'poison'.
The Food Safety and Standards Authority of India (FSSAI) has also issued guidelines regarding cooking oil and said that reheating the oil should be avoided. 
Toxic substances come out in cooking oil by heating it repeatedly.
These toxic substances i.e. poisonous substances increase free radicals in the body.
When the oil is heated more than once, the fat particles break into it
Fats turn into transfats and the quality of the oil deteriorates.
These transfats of oil get deposited in the body which in turn can increase your cholesterol level. Arteries might also get blocked, which increases the risk of a heart attack. Apart from this, the risk of colon, gall bladder, and liver cancer increases. This oil, heated, again and again, causes many types of neurological disorders.
A similar report was shown in DNA earlier which revealed that 25 percent of the cooking oil available in the market is adulterated. Now, imagine, how much danger you put yourself in by repeatedly heating the cooking oil which is already suspected to be playing with your life. Therefore, take as much oil in the pan at a time as is necessary for frying or cooking. This will keep your budget as well as your health in check.