Supporting SDG Goals

Norea Biodiesel supports the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs), by offering product, solutions and technologies.

Norea biodiesel gives substantial reduction to CO2 emissions as compared to petroleum diesel: Climate Action

Re-using waste cooking oil can cause serious health problems. Our waste collection system keeps waste cooking oil out of the food chain for Good Health and Well-being

Norea biodiesel is marketed at a price that is competitive with petroleum diesel, and it does not require modifications or need minor modifications to standard diesel engines for Affordable and Clean Energy

Norea biodiesel has a closed-loop system including oil collection of UCO in our containers. We are working towards developing a circular economy in place for oil collection, converting used cooking oil to biodiesel, and then dispensing it to end-users: Industry Innovation and Infrastructure

Norea biodiesel concept is to collect UCO locally with the minimum carbon footprint. The UCO collected locally will be converted locally to biodiesel and dispensed also locally: Sustainable Cities and Local Communities